About Sweet Decay

Sweet Decay Entertainment, LLC (SDE) began with failure. With a large contingent of online games, our jaded gamer found that many were lacking in some fundamental way. Some were great concepts, fun, but with broken mechanics. Others were tight in design but not really compelling in story. One day, he decided quit finding faults in existing Fantasy Sports sites, role-playing and first-person shooter games and launched his solution: Sweet Decay. 

Our mission is to bring fresh ideas and game concepts to the public, building playable games with unique and compelling ideas.

Our first foray is the Pirates of Zaia, an open-world pirate adventure game that combines unmatched strategic depth with boundless real time interaction with other live players. As a ship captain in the World of Zaia setting you can either fly the black sail as a pirate or fly the banner of one of the six major powers of the age. Pirates of Zaia is slated for a summer 2014 release date.


October 2011

Matt began developing his game concepts for an online application. His first creation was the Fantasy Campaign Setting Zaia and he got to work shortly thereafter creating Zaian Chronicles. A fantasy RPG setting that includes a ten thousand year history, detailed maps, nation and race backgrounds and a detailed religious mythology. Current table top projects include The Movie Trivia Game Movie Go Round and Dark Frontiers a 25mm scifi war game rule set.

February 2014

Partnering up with Red Lion Network, Matt began work on Pirates of Zaia a multiplayer open world game. Players can attack enemy ships or towns, hunt rival pirates, seek buried treasure and ally with other pirates creating brotherhoods. Pirates of Zaia is an easy to learn game but possesses levels of strategy to keep the most savvy gamer interested.

Look for Pirates of Zaia.com this summer!